Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Good People Are Hard To Find

Running your own business and having staff to look over can be a headache at times. In fact I really have a headache right now brought upon by staffing problems! And just when I thought my day would be free for me to check out some information on Mesothelioma ... siggghhh ...

One of my staff, the one from Bangladesh that I mentioned about in one of my previous post is really giving me and my partner numerous headaches in the office. Just when I thought I straightened him out, now he's back to his tricks again.

My partner has another business partner running a full fledged offset printing factory just opposite our office. That office and ours normally work hand in hand and support each other in terms of manpower. If we need extra people to help us in our production work and if their staff are free, they'll help us out and vice versa.

Yesterday they needed some extra manpower and since this guy was free over here, I sent him there. He was not too pleased. I wasn't too bothered cos it was not like he was not being paid and it was still during regular office hours. Besides being a boss has its own benefits, you get to order people around ... hahaha!

Anyways, he goes over and then somewhere around 5.00pm (we officially finish at 6.00pm) he just walks out of there and says he needs to go and do some transaction in the bank. As far as I know banks close at 4.30pm here, right? The worst thing is he doesn't inform anyone, he just tells one of the staff there that he's leaving.

My partner was looking for him later in the day and he was furious when he found out that he just walked off without telling anyone. But nothing could be done cos he was out of there already and it was almost time to finish work anyway so some leeway was given even though we both were not happy.

Never mind. Today I come in and find out he isn't in the office. Thinking that maybe he's over at the printing press factory across the road, I walk over to look for him cos I need him to do some stuff for me. Everyone there says they haven't seen him and thought he was in my office. Sigghhh, here we go again, I thought.

I check with one of his roommates and they managed to get in touch with him over his cell and he says he's at the bank! Again? Didn't he leave early yesterday and go to the bank? And now he's there again and doesn't even bother to call the office to say he would be late.

I'm furious. I grabbed the cell from his roommate and gave him a piece of my mind right there and then. And when I asked him what time he would be coming in, he has the cheek to say,

'I must come in, ah?'

Good god, you moron! Of course you have to come in unless you tell me right now that you've resigned or something. Why is it so hard to find good people these days. I really don't see what's his problem. If he doesn't like working here, then he should just quit and find another job.

I'm pretty lenient, in fact I'm very lenient here compared to my partner. I may be fussy with how my things are done but I don't pressure anyone here. The facilities and benefits offered are pretty good if you compare them with others. Accommodations are provided for them in an apartment nearby and we don't make a fuss if you use the computers to surf or chat when there's no work.

All I ask for is to be a responsible staff and show some accountability in life. Is that really so hard to do? I'm really waiting for this guy to come in cos I really need to tell him off. This is going to be his final warning cos the next time he doesn't come in to work with a valid reason, I'm going to tell him not to ever come in again!

Thank god tomorrow is a holiday for me recuperate. I think some retail therapy (as wifey would say) will make me feel much better ... LOL!


  1. Retail therapy? LOL... Sorry to hear about your manpower issues, though...

  2. i am good... i am a person :p and i don't go to banks *LOL*

    retail therapy seems like a wonderful idea :)

  3. Tough luck buddy!! Looks like he walked out on the job and didn't expect you to call back. Anyway chill out ahve have a nice holiday! Cheers

  4. Omg, hire someone else :)

    Happy Holidays Nick. I've been lazing around having almost a week's holiday. Gawd, I feel so bored that I wanna go back work! XD

  5. Chill! I would have just tell him to collect his last pay (pro-rated) and be riddance with him. You've advised and told him off ... no point giving any more chances ... he's just bad for staff morale and productivity and your health as well.

  6. maybe you should hire someone else! And hopefully someone else will appreciate the job opportunity and not disappear by running off to "the bank"!!!

  7. Terra - Retail therapy normally does cheer me up ... LOL!

  8. Anny - Wah, you don't go to backs ah? Do you need to be paid ah? If no need to pay you can always work in my office ... hahaha!

    Yes, retail therapy is the best medicine ... LOL!

  9. Adrian - Hey, it's been a while since I've seen you here. Yeah, tough luck. I'm always plagued by staff issues everywhere I go ... siggghhh ...

  10. Maslight - I'm planning to :D

    You want to go back to work? I want to have a holiday la ... hahaha ...

  11. Wenny - I was tempted to but I'm giving him one last chance to see if he'll buck up.

  12. Meleah - The thing is people are choosy with jobs these days. It's hard to find someone really dedicated anymore.

  13. I used to share your sentiment ... but I ate my own words!


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