Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh, The Pain!

It's just about 10 days away to my 7K run and I'm suffering from a leg injury! It's not something that should be happening to me this close to my 7K run. I've been training really hard for the run and have been pushing myself a little too hard which is one of the reasons for my injury.

I'm suffering from something that is common to most runners called a shin splint. It's a pain that is running along the sides of my right shin and it hurts like crazy everytime I run from the impact that is placed on my foot.

The worst thing about this shin splint injury is it is something that I'm aware off and know how easy it is to get and yet I end up suffering from it. Like I said, it's a common runners injury that affects beginners and also seasoned runners. While there are many causes of shin splints, they can all be categorized into two main groups, overload (or training errors), and biomechanical inefficiencies.

While I know for a fact that I don't have any biomechanical inefficiencies, so the cause really is a training error that is due to increasing my exercise intensity too quickly.  I'm been a little too eager to go faster and faster in my daily runs which is now causing me grieve and ruining my preparations for my race next week. Wifey has been telling me to take it easy everyday and do I listen to her? Nooooooo and now I'm walking around in side splitting pain which I deserve completely.

Well, I've gone into complete recovery and rehabilitation mode by switching my running to something less impactful for this week and hopefully I'll be fine and can resume my preparations for the race next week. I've been looking forward to the race and would be totally disappointed if I can't take part in the run. Besides, wifey said she'll break my legs if she catches me running for the next few days ... LOL!

I suppose I could use the rest period to do some chef work at home. It's been a while since I've messed around in the kitchen. Either that or I could drag wifey shopping but that involves walking and I'm trying my best to stay off my feet if at all possible ...


  1. Get well soon and don't overwork-out yourself.

  2. wadui... cam sakit sajo.. kasihannya. When you are in pain.. buat apa laa u lari lari lagi.. add injury to pain.

    take it ez.. if u dun make it this run.. there's lotta runs out there still. Better to heal properly than suffer a worse injury. You can always be photographer on that day :) while your wifey runs :)

  3. Oh Man! Shin Splints are THE WORST! I get them every so often when I push myself too hard too. And it can take a few days to go away. I feel for you. Here's hoping you're okay for the big race!

  4. Lina - I'll try but my legs itchy to run ... LOL!

  5. Terra - It isn't fun at all ... it hurts like crazy every step I take.

  6. Anny - Not cam sakit sajo ... it betul-betul sakit giler!

    What? take photo only? Aiyooo, wifey will never stop teasing me la if I don't run ... hahaha!

  7. Meleah - Yes they are and they're such a pain (pun intended) that totally ruins your training schedule ... Hopefully with some rest and less strenuous activity, it'll be okay soon :D

  8. Hey Nick, I'm back from the holiday :)

    Get well soon ya and best of luck to your next 7K run.

  9. Carol - Welcome back :D How was your holiday? Lots of fun I'll bet :D

    Waiting to see the pictures in your blog soon.

  10. This is normally the case with new runners. The thrill and eagerness of a newfound capability to complete a race (achieving a finisher medal and a cert) pushes one to overdo (despite advices from the experienced runners) ... then when the injury sets in, they will carry this excuse for a very long time for not running. For most, this will be the defining period whether the person continues to run or just fade away ...

    I hope you are not one of these people. :)

  11. Wenny - The thing is I'm not new to running and even know of this 'infamous' running injury. In fact I've had it several times in the past and yet I still can't avoid getting it!

    Don't worry, it only spurs me on to fight this thing as I absolutely love running!


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