Thursday, September 9, 2010

You Want Me To Kill You?

It's going to be a long weekend for us. The Hari Raya celebrations start tomorrow and it'll be a holiday, a nice long one that is and I'm really looking forward to it. It's been a crazy day for me today.

I was looking forward to a quiet day in the office seeing as how most people were already in the holiday mood but the moment I stepped into the office, my accounts girl comes up to me and tells me the two people in the production studio had a big fight.

I have two people working for me in the production studio, both are foreigners and come from two different countries. One is from Myanmar and the other is from Bangladesh. The one from Myanmar is a girl and the Bangladeshi is a guy.

Okay, the problem I regularly have in the studio is they both have communication problems. The Myanmar girl speaks English and doesn't understand Malay and the Bangladeshi doesn't understand English but speaks a smattering of Malay, enough to get by on a daily basis.

So when my partner or me give them instructions for things to do, we have to speak in both languages to them. The Myanmar girl has been with us for awhile and is much more experienced than the Bangladeshi. Today, she apparently gave him some instructions and due to the language barrier between them, things got a little dicey with him in the end threatening to kill her.

The moment I walk in my accounts girl comes up and tells me about the problem. I'm the kind of person who really doesn't care much about people fighting among themselves. As far as I'm concerned they can kill each other but just don't make too much of a mess doing it. It's something I've seen countless of times in the previous places I've worked in. People tend to fight and squabble quite a bit. But then, this time being part owner of this company, I had no choice but to intervene seeing as how my partner wasn't around. I normally let him handle staff issues.

I call each of them individually into my room and gave them a chewing out that they won't forget for quite a while. I really didn't know I could chew people out like that cos I've never had to handle stuff like this before. In fact, I think they were quite surprised with the tongue lashing I gave them cos they've never really seen me lose my temper before. Between my partner and me, I'm always the more easy going one and he's the more stricter one.

Well, I can't even remember what the heck I screamed at them but all I know it did calm things down cos after that they both got back to work with no one threatening to kill anyone anymore ... LOL! Why can't people just work without fighting and squabbling. I've got better things to do with my time, like blogging (LOL!) than having to settle internal office problems.

Owning your own company with your own staff is a lot more hectic than just having to do client servicing alone. There are so many more things to be responsible about. After that incident I probably need to go for one of those Branson vacations I've read so much about and the long weekend might just give me the opportunity to do that :D

Okay, I can already hear the fireworks in the background, so let me take this opportunity to wish all my Muslim friends a Selamat Hari Raya :D Remember that while we're all happy and having loads of fun, please do drive safely when you're out on the roads, ya.


  1. Oh yay! I hope you are enjoying your holiday weekend!

  2. yeah, finally can post comment here.. dunno what happened last few weeks coz suddenly cant post any comments!

    can think of one way to describe you... beware of still water :-)

  3. Enjoy your holiday. And no more shouting! All the best to you and your family.

  4. Enjour your weekend! Pity ah, Raya falls on Friday... less public holiday to enjoy. LOL

  5. Enjoy the public holiday :) selamat hari raya spiff

  6. Meleah - I always enjoy any holiday :D

  7. Sting - Glad you can comment again :D

    LOL! No la, sometimes I just loose my temper, that's all ... most of the time I'm an easy going person.

  8. The World According To Me - LOL! No more shouting, I hate shouting but sometimes it can't be helped :D

  9. Lina - Tu la, it should have fallen in Thursday and Friday instead ... hehehe ...

    Selamat Hari Raya to you and your family :D

  10. Soulie - Selamat Hari Raya to you and Bem too :D


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