Friday, October 22, 2010

Book 'Em Danno ...

'Book 'em Danno!'

I'm sure those of you from my time, which would put you around the same age bracket as me, would definitely have heard those words before. It's one of the more famous lines uttered by Jack Lord from the TV series, Hawaii Five-O, which happened to be one of my favourite TV shows back when I was a wee lad :D

Who could forget the intro scene where the camera pans and zooms into the top of a building with Jack Lord making that famous twirl to face the camera with the wind in his face. I used to struggle to stay up late at night (it was a school night) just to catch the show. I'd get up all bleary eyed the next day but I didn't miss a single episode of the series.

Well, what got me even more excited right now, in fact I'm so excited that I feel like a little kid, is finding out that there is a modern day remake of the series that is going to be aired over the local channels here soon! I didn't even know that they had it in the making. It's a whole new cast and I cannot wait for it.

The new cast ...
 I checked out the intro for it online on Youtube and it looks to be a cool remake. The characters are still the same. There will still be a Steve McGarrett and Danny 'Danno' Williams. Chin Ho Kelly and Kono Kalakaua are still there with the exception that Kono is now played by a woman in the form of Grace Park. No big deal :D

I can't remember when they're premiering here, I think it's in November but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'll be glued to the TV set just like my childhood days. All those things that I have pending like Factoring polynomials, College algebra and solving those math word problems for my younger boy will all have to wait, at least until the show is over anyway :D

I'm so excited that I've been humming the theme song all day ... LOL! God, I feel just as excited about the show as I was in my younger days :D

Just in case you're interested Alex O'Loughlin will play Steve McGarrett, Scott Caan will take on the role of Danny Williams, Daniel Dae Kim is Chin Ho Kelly and Grace Park takes on Kono Kalakaua.


  1. I don't remember what the show was about at all... but i sure get reminded of the theme song at least once a week!

  2. I have no idea wut is this tv show but I'll check it out..after I finish watching the queued tv series LOL.

  3. Terra - The fact that you don't remember the show must mean you're way younger than I am ... LOL! Actually the theme song is one over-used piece used from weddings to all kinds of events ...

  4. Maslight - Aiyooo, you also must be way younger than me la ... hahaha!

    check it out when you get the chance :D


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