Monday, October 18, 2010

The Day After ...

The weather is horrible these days! It's so darn hot that I think if it gets any hotter, the climate here is going to change into a desert soon! It's so energy sapping and even sitting in an air-conditioned  room doesn't help all that much.

We have 8 air-conditioning units in my office and though not all of them are being used, the ones we have switched on are struggling to cool us down, so much so that my partner went out and bought fans for the production room which is really the stuffiest at the moment!

It hasn't rained except for a teeny weeny while this morning in god knows how long. It's been hot, hot and nothing but hot that sometimes I wished I had been born in a nice cool country like Switzerland or something.

Trying to work in heat like this can be really energy sapping. I wonder how those people like contractors who work outdoors and under the burning rays of the sun all day take it? I'd have fainted a long time ago if I had to work all day out in the sun. Maybe I should consider heading out there and doing my naked dance routine to bring in the rain ... hahaha! Not that I have danced naked outside, mind you!

With that said and done my legs are aching like crazy from my Mizuno Wave run yesterday. It was a fun but pretty challenging run and probably one good way how to lose stomach fat fast, but I'm just glad I managed to finish it. I shall not bore you with the details, you can head on here to read a detailed review of the run and also some pictures of it. The only downside to the run was the death of a runner who collapsed midway through the run. My condolences go out to his family and may he rest in peace.

The thought can be frightening. Imagine waking up excited to go for a race and then never coming back from it ... scary! I really don't know the reason for his death but one should always know ones limits. The moment you think you can't run, best to stay home. Huh! Look who's talking. This coming from a guy who insisted on running with fever and flu!

Anyways, hope you're all having a great Monday. That's all from me for now :D


  1. A raindance would be good... :) no need to do it naked la... else the men in white suits will come get you :p

    someone actually died in the run.. gosh! Poor guy.

  2. yea the weather memang gila lately!!

    I think he over heat kut? I think that's why...

    Better drink plenty of water these weather and your current activity ( running marathon and all) better down banyak air. TC and oh send regards to wifey :)

  3. Anny - Hahaha ... yeah, those men in white just might come take me to the loony house!

    Yes, that's what I heard so it's really unconfirmed.

  4. Emelda - I've been sweating buckets all week!

    Could be la, I heard he was 54 years maybe the heat was just too much for him.

    Will send your regards to wifey :D

  5. Imagine Nick doing a naked dance. Sure rain one. Not from the clouds, I'm afraid but from firemen hosing him down! LOL

  6. Lina - Hahaha ... that would sure hit the headlines, wouldn't it!

  7. My Monday is as always, great. But yeah, the weather is kinda hot the past two days here. Tak cukup aircond, kena pasang kipas juga.

  8. Carol - It has been hot for more than two weeks here with no rain, except for a little while this morning ... I'm going to melt soon!

  9. I cant stand when the temperatures are so hot like that! It's hard to think, work, write or function when your too busy sweating!

  10. Meleah - I agree ... my brains are getting fried daily!

  11. Yeah the weather is terribly hot these days! One good thing ... my washes all dried smelling fresh!

    It was yet another regretful news in the running circuit. The most saddening one was at Adidas King of the Road last year, then this year's SCKLIM and now Mizuno.

    I hope beginners or those adhoc participants will take heed from these incidences to come prepare and well-informed for future runs. Running is a simple and healthy sport but ignorance can just turn people off.

  12. I am so sorry to read about the death of a runner. That's tragic. My heart goes out to the family and friends. R.I.P.

    It always amazes me the temperature difference from our corners of the world. Today I had to blow dry my clothes with my hair dryer as I was so cold! Send the UK some sunshine please, and I will send you some cooler breezes. If I could, I would!

  13. Wenny - LOL! Yes, that's the only good thing about the weather.

    It's always sad when some dies during something like this. Hope things like this doesn't happen too often.

  14. The World According To Me - I was sorry to hear the news too right after the race.

    Yes, we have the extreme opposites when it comes to the weather. I would be so grateful if you could send some of that cold my way :D


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