Friday, October 15, 2010

The Getaway

Time moves really fast these days. The week just started and now it's already Friday with the weekend coming up. For the life of me, I can't remember what I did the entire week.

Work wise, life has been extremely stressful for me this month, what with the entire production team, if you can call two people a team that is, running away. Saying that we're short handed is an understatement.

Since the beginning of this month I haven't gone for any client servicing appointments and have been relegated to doing all the production work in the office which can be damned hard work I tell you. I've been working late every single day and haven't been home even once early enough to see the sun set. By the time I get home, I'm half dead from exhaustion.

It's not easy finding staff these days. Hopefully we'll get one pretty soon cos I am absolutely fed up of doing production work all by myself. If I didn't own a part of this company I would have just quit and run away too ... LOL!

At least we managed to hire a new despatch guy so that helps a little. I just hope the fellow doesn't run away cos on his second working day here, he had to work till 1.00am in the morning! He seems like a decent chap though.

Besides that, life has been pretty much the same though I don't have as much time to blog as before, which you can probably tell by the lack of postings over here. Just finding the time to log on is a luxury these days and most of my internet activity is limited to using my cell phone whenever I have some time to rest in between my work. Thank god for my high tech (LOL!) phone otherwise I'd be lost entirely from the internet.

I really need a vacation soon. Once we get in the new production people, I think I'll take a few days off and go for a quiet restful vacation somewhere nearby. I'm too lazy to drive so far away just to go for a vacation. Wifey and me have this idea of just driving up to the IOI Resort in Putrajaya and secluding ourselves there for a couple of days. It's only a 20 minute or so drive from our place but it is quite secluded enough for our needs. We'll see how that goes soon :D

Normally I would be thankful for the weekend but this weekend is going to be a pretty busy one for me. I have to go in to the office tomorrow cos of our regular monthly meeting whihc has been put off for the past two weeks, then on Sunday wifey and me have our Mizuno Wave run to tackle. We've both decided that after this run, we're taking a short break from any races for the month of November. It's been too many races too close in between that it's tiring us out some.

Here's wishing you all a great weekend :D


  1. You can go to Sepang Goldcoast :) i heard the Palm fella is open :D its supposed to be as beautiful as Palm Jumeirah.. well.. close :) its Bagan Lalang.

    take a break... scoot!

  2. No wonder people run. Aiyoh kena work until morning ah. But you pay OT right? :D

  3. Oh u must u must go for vakasi soon, come home rejuvenated to get ur biz going again! :D

  4. Hope your staffing problem will ease up soon. Make sure you have ample rest before the Mizuno run coz it's really hilly especially towards the last leg before finish line.

    If you need any pics taken of you and wifey, look for me. I'll be there in orange T bearing our clubname: Kota Kemuning Pacers. Take care!

  5. Anny - Sepang goldcoast tu jauh la ... I very lazy to drive so far one ... LOL! Maybe I'll just go to Sunway Resort, really very nearby one ... hahaha!

  6. Lina - Hahaha ... good point. Yes, he does get paid overtime. In fact, I think by the end of the month he'll get more than me!

  7. Marzie - Yes, I'm really due for another vacation soon ... been working too hard these days.

  8. Wenny - Yup, I'm hoping for the same thing too.

    I actually took a drive there and am dreading the final leg!

  9. Yeah, time flies quite fast this month and last. But I was having so much fun last month so memang tak rasa lah time flies. This month, like only yesterday I posted my Pink October entry and now, it's already the 3rd week of the month. But then again, this means Christmas is SOON!

  10. Carol - It does, it seems like it was only yesterday that it was January and now it's almost November!

    Woohoo, I love Christmas :D


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