Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Great Wall Of China

I envy one of my neighbours, the one that is located behind me on my right hand side. I wish this house I'm living in belonged to me so I could do what they're doing. You see, they've built a nice great big wall at the back of their house to block out all contact with their direct back door neighbour.

Now, I really wish I could build a wall on my side of the fence to also block out all contact with my neighbour and you wanna know why? Well, my direct left hand side neighbour has this busy body non-stop talking little old lady that drives everyone in her immediate vicinity nuts. I wrote about her in one of my previous posts.

She's the kind of neighbour that will engage you in needless chatter. We didn't know about her character at first. When we first moved in here, we thought she was being friendly and we always entertained her chatter. But once she started, she would never stop and you had to literally run away before she would stop talking.

After a while, it got so bad, wifey and me both dreaded going outside for fear of being engaged in mindless chatter. We have our washing machine situated outside the house at the back where one of the bathroom faucet is located and the moment she sees either one of us, irrespective of whether we acknowledge her or not, she would immediately engage us in one of her mindless banter about this and that. It drove us mad.

Ignoring her completely didn't help and it came to a point where we couldn't stand it any longer and put up a small tarpaulin blind to hide us away from her while we did the laundry. But that didn't really do the trick cos we still had to step out pretty near her fence to dry the clothes and she would immediately come out of her house the moment she heard us outside.

And in turn,whenever we hear her opening her back door to come out, we'd both run in frantically to hide away from her. You should see us, you'd probably laugh your head off seeing two grown adults fighting to get into the house to hide away from a little old lady ... LOL!

Fortunately or unfortunately we were not the only ones saddled with this little old lady and her insistence of engaging everyone in a conversation. Her immediate back neighbour also had to face the brunt of her chatter cos they do some cooking outside the back of their house and everytime they were outside, they'd have to put up with this little old lady.

I think they finally couldn't stand it anymore and built this huge tall wall to totally block out any dealings with this neighbour and I really envy them for that. I can already imagine their sanity slowly returning to them and can even picture them jumping with joy from finally not having to put up with the little old lady that can never stop talking.

What's worse now is, besides the fact that I'm envious of them, I'm probably going to have to face the brunt of this mindless chatter all by myself seeing as how I'm the only one in direct line of sight with her now that they've walled up their back yard. The other neighbour on her right hand side has also walled up their back yard a long time ago.

I fear for my sanity from now on. If you guys don't read anymore posts from me, that means someone has come and taken me to the loony house ... hahaha!


  1. She's so lonely izit?

    I remember you posting your neighbor sometime back. Still no rspite from her, eh? Poor you & wifey.

  2. Aw. She must be really lonely and desperate for human contact. But still, Im sure she drives you bat.shit.crazy!

  3. Lonely old lady? She lives alone ka? I dun think I can handle ppl talking too much too. I like my peace and quiet. I dun mind the occasional greeting but if I have to go through these kinda chat, I'd go berserk.

  4. LOL! That poor old lady is probably lonely but I guess it can get pretty annoying to tolerate mindless chatter all the time :P

  5. I remember the neighbour story too... One way to prevent ppl from talking to you is to wear earphones... I don't know if she'll get it or not... but it works wonders in the gym.

  6. Lina - No la, she just doesn't get it that people just want to be left alone ...

  7. Meleah - bat.shit.crazy is putting it mildly :D

  8. Maslight - No la, she lives with her daughters and I think she drives them crazy too ... LOL!

  9. Sriyany - I don't know whether she is really lonely or not but she sure as hell annoys me.

  10. Terra - I think she won't get the message even if I used those huge rapper like headphones ... LOL!

  11. We have a neighbour like that too. She was fine when we moved in and then started to complain to total strangers about us - our gardener mowed a 12 inch strip on the driveway side of her property - we thought he was doing her a favour; we don't look after the garden like our predecessors did, etc. You get the idea.

  12. Loz - Good to see that I'm not the only one with neighbour problems ... hehehe ...


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