Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Tiny Little Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and I haven't done any preparations for it yet. The tree is not up, the decor is not out, the exam tables are not set up (don't even ask me about that one!). In fact, if you came over to my house right now, you wouldn't even suspect Christmas is just around the corner.

I've been so busy with work that I don't think wifey and me will be decorating the place much like what we did a few years before. That year, we celebrated Christmas on a bigger scale and I even carved out a winter wonderland scene under the Christmas tree.

I don't think I'll even have the time to put up my Christmas tree this year or much of anything else for that matter. But then, I've always loved Christmas and it does come but once a year. So this year, wifey and me thought we'd go really minimalistic with the decor, nothing too fancy or too loud, something just so that we know it's Christmas time.

So out we went shopping for stuff, well, not really, we had other things to shop for yesterday but we came across this cute little item that would be our Christmas tree (really). The moment I saw it, I loved it and insisted that we buy it. It helped that wifey loved it too :D

My glass encased Christmas tree ...
It's a nice small little table top Christmas tree made from glass that is encased in another casing like thingy. It emits this LED lights that changes colors and I simply love the darned thing. The blue change of lights is my favourite color cos it gives you this wintery feel, you know la, seeing as how we don't have snow here (but with the way the weather is these days, I'm holding out that it will snow here one fine day ... LOL!), this is the only way for me to enjoy a winter feel albeit a very tiny one!

So that is going to be our Christmas tree for this year :P Wifey was on the lookout for a crib set cos she said that the nativity scene is really the essence of what Christmas is all about and we went looking for one. The last crib set we had was one made by me and it's long crumbled apart, a feast for some pesky termites!

It just so happened that there was a couple being sold at one of the Lovely Lace outlets and it was on a 50% discount to boot! I couldn't resist an offer like that and we ended up with this little decent looking crib scene that comes complete with lights and music even. Unfortunately I can't show you the shot with the lights on cos I forgot to buy batteries for it but trust me, it does look kinda cool.

Our unofficial theme for Christmas this year is miniaturization :D Everything that we're going to decorate the house with this year will be from miniature Christmas trees, miniature reindeer's right up to miniature snowmen. It may not be much but at least the Christmas spirit will still be in the air.

With that said and done, while all of you are enjoying your public holiday here today, spare a thought for poor old me who has to head in to the office right after this post to attend to some installation for a client. There goes my plans to look for more Christmas stuff! Darn!


  1. Although small, they are sure nice. :)

  2. minis! i like. oh speaking of crib, you have reminded me to get one myself. thanks.

  3. The crib looks really cute! Miniature or not, it's the spirit of X'Mas that counts :P

  4. yeah
    this tree with LED lights looks so magically

    happy holidays

  5. Lina - I hope they're not too small to the point the kids start complaining ... LOL!

  6. Maslight - Thanks :D I loved it the moment I laid my eyes on it.

  7. Carol - Yes, minis :D I hope to cover my house in a completely mini Christmas ... hehehe ...

    Don't forget to post a pix of your crib for me to see, ya :D

  8. Sriyany - Yes, that's what really matters :D

  9. Bridesmaids Dresses Toronto - It looks even better with the lights on :D

  10. wow! I love your glass encased Christmas tree! that is beautiful!

  11. Meleah - You do :D I absolutely love it too :D


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