Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A Very Dark Secret

The days move real quick when you're up to your neck with work. It's been work, work and more work from the moment I wake up till the moment I go to bed which is one of the reasons for hair loss which I'm experiencing more and more these days. In fact these days, I think 24 hours is simply not nearly enough for me.

I've got so many things to do with so little time to do it in. The only thing about being so busy is that business is pretty decent. The only bad thing I'm totally exhausted by the end of the day what with my running programme which has now moved up a step further to running 10KM 5 days a week. It really doesn't leave me much time to do anything else.

Which is why I'm looking forward to Christmas cos I've already made myself unavailable from the 24th till at least 2011 and I plan to take the wife and kids and head out somewhere to recuperate. It's definitely going to be somewhere near cos I don't want to waste the time driving to some far our destination.

Besides that, things have been pretty much the same. I do have a new craving though. It's not something I'm proud to admit but I so crave for dark chocolates these days that I've been walloping a small bar almost everyday.

I know, I know, chocolates are not good, especially for someone who's into health these days but then, that is precisely the reason why I run almost everyday so that I'm able to eat any food I like and burn it off the next day :D

I've always loved anything chocolaty but have never really indulged in them much. I mean, if you put a chocolate brownie in front of me, I'll definitely wallop the darn thing but I won't go out of my way to buy one.

That's not the same with dark chocolates though. I'd actually take the trouble to stop at some convenience store or hypermarket just to buy a bar ... ok, ok, maybe not just one bar but two ... LOL! Then I'd head home and savour them all by myself quietly in some secret corner of my house ... hahaha ...

But seriously, that is my only one sinful cravings for the moment :D So, if anyone plans to buy me a Christmas present (yes, I have no shame) get me loads of dark chocolates now you hear :D


  1. I heard dark chocolate is actually good for health.... dunnola, too lazy to check it out now

  2. Well, one indulgence should be OK, I think. :)P

  3. Being busy is better than being bored! Yes? And OMG - dark chocolates are my weakness too! I hope you and your family enjoy your mini-vacation, sounds like you REALLY need it!

  4. I love dark chocolate! ;D

    I had a skittles craving the other day, but since some supermarket doesn't have it, I had m&ms instead ;D

    But, dark chocolate, I only want em 65% and it must be thin! ;D

  5. dark chocolate is fine :) Its good for the urmms... not the teeth.. urmms.. i think its good for the heart :D

    i used to have a craving for mars bar everyday... that went on for weeks.. till i urmm.. pokai :)

    if ur buying me christmas pressie.. get me a huge box of mars bar ya.. (me no shame too) *LOL*

  6. You know Nick, I can actually get you a basket of dark chocolates for sister in law works with this dairy company and can get good discounts. Hahahaha! All I need is your address and get the chocolate delivered to your door step on Christmas day ^___*

  7. Terra - It is? Ok, now I don't feel so guilty anymore :D

  8. Lina - Yes, I have to reward myself for all my hard work some how, right :D

  9. Meleah - I can't seem to resist the stuff. In fact I have cravings for it right now :D

  10. Maslight - I used to love skittles, bought them everyday, which probably explained my weight gain ... LOL!

  11. Anny - Cool, now I can go buy more dark chocolates ... LOL!

    I used to also love mars bar, in fact I still do but with my health conciousness these days I stay away from it, besides it's darned mahal la!

    Hahaha ... yes, you have no shame too!

  12. Carol - You can? Really? Aiyooo cool! LOL! Urmmm, right to my door step some more? Sure ah? Hahaha!

  13. There are worse things you could be craving! And dark chocolate is better than milk chocolate, so I hear. Anyway, you deserve it, you've been working so hard recently.
    Enjoy your break!

  14. Dark chocolates are supposedly good for health and I love them too but moderation is the key word, Nick. Anything excessive is bad no matter.

    Moreover, I'm sure you would want to see the positive results of your daily 10km run, right?

  15. Hey Nick!!

    Wow! It's good to see everyone into health and fitness these days! Is there any decent place around USJ to jog ah? Don't worry, I won't stalk! LOL! Most of the time, I'm doing my home workouts so next week I want a change of pace and do my workout outdoors instead.

    Anyways, I hope you and wifey are closer to your fitness goal. I hope by end of December, I'm at least halfway there already.

    Btw, at least dark chocs are still better than my craving. Rice, rice, rice, pasta, rice and rice. I hate it! The more I workout, the hungrier I become. The only thing that stops me from eating is fruits.. but damn expensive lah! Every time I stalk up on fruits, RM50-70 fly away just like that! >.<

  16. Shemah - Hey there :D

    No choice la, I was getting unhealthier by the day and something had to be done. To be honest, I also don't know of any good places to run in USJ la. I just run around my area. But I think the Subang Jaya park is a pretty cool place to run. Try it out sometime :D

    Well, with the amount of running I do these days, I need more food la ... LOL! Ya, fruits are darned expensive!


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