Saturday, May 28, 2011

My First Order

Another weekend is here and I have to work ... siggghhh ... At least it won't be a full day of work looking for blackhead remover products. My heat transfer t-shirt facilities are finally up and running and by some good fortune, a new client called to enquire about heat transfer t-shirt printing which was just the right timing.

So I have to head out to meet up with the client and confirm the job, well, it's more of a confirmed job, I just need to show them the sample of the tee and a printout quality of the heat transfer. I'm actually quite happy that we have our first t-shirt order coming up :D Now if only I could get t-shirt orders everyday :D

I took that dog with a diva attitude for a walk just now. She just loves here walks, it's more like runs these days. She don't walk anymore when I take her for her walks. She gets out there and sprints like crazy on those four short legs of hers. I guess she knows I can keep up with her these days ... LOL!

She's due for a grooming session cos she's really starting to look like a hippie from days gone by. Wifey has been constantly reminding me to send her but weekends are the busiest of days for the groomers and I don't want to leave her there all day. Weekdays on the other hand, I'm just too lazy to send. Maybe wifey should take up a dog grooming course or something ... hahaha! But she really, really, really does need to get a haircut!

I have to head out now, before I go, I leave you with a picture of Pebbles rolling around on our bed (yes, she thinks she owns our bed) with one of her favourite soft toys, Mac Taylor :D



  1. Pebbles is soooooo cute in that video! OMG! If I can touch, I would have hug and not let Pebbles go! :)

    Pebbles, when there are chew toys sold at Sports stores, then maybe you get a new one! LOL

  2. More like best chewing buddy XD

  3. Lina - More like a pampered diva la that dog :D

    I agree, when sports shops start selling chew toys, she'll get loads of them ... hahaha!

  4. Pebbles like a teddy bear laa.. hahahahaha So cute to see her bergolek here and there.. i am surprised that Mac Taylor is still with all limbs attached :D

    i just realise your bed sheet is that green too.. gosh! Is everything green in your house? Yous better go buy the shoe la..

  5. Eeeeee! So geram la after watching Pebbles! She's way better than any soft toy :D

  6. And you're right about the hippie look :D

  7. Anny - It's one of her trademark things to do on our bed, to bergolek which wifey and me call the smackdown ... LOL! Mac Taylor is a tough little fellow :D

    Hahaha ... well, almost all things in my house is green too ... LOL!

  8. Sriyany - LOL! But you're right she is. On a cold morning wifey will grab her off the floor and use her as a heating device ... hahaha!

  9. Sriyany - I'm really going to take her for a grooming session this week ... hehehe ...


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