Thursday, May 26, 2011

Time Out

It's been a hectic week for me, but then again, when has it not been a hectic week for me these days? Took the afternoon off and headed down to Sunway Pyramid with wifey to chill for a bit and look for some house address plaques. I've been under a lot of stress from work the past week and I really needed the time out. Besides, I hadn't visited any sports outlets in weeks and was getting withdrawal symptoms ... LOL!

I must say the time out did wonders for me and the stress just disappeared in a flash, well until I head back to work tomorrow that is. The outing with wifey was pretty fun and eventful. We didn't buy any sports stuff though I was on the verge of buying myself a new pair of Adidas Climacool running shoes but in the end decided to wait till the Brooks Ghost 4 hits our shores sometime in the next month or so.

Wifey and me will be taking part in a charity 5K run this Sunday organized by the Sunway Medical group called the SunMed Jogathon. I not really keen on 5K runs but since it's near our place and since it's for the charity organization for terminally ill children after all, we thought it would be fun to take part. It was actually supposed to be a 6K run but was downgraded to a 5K for security reasons, not sure what the reasons were though.

It looks set to be a nice fun run and I'm looking forward to it. The goodie bags that came along with the number bibs were pretty good and it was so well organized unlike a certain race event I went to recently. Hopefully the race itself will be as efficiently run as the bib and goodie bag distribution.

Right after finishing that race, which will start and end at the Sunway Medical Centre, we'll be heading to Sunway Pyramid to collect our bib numbers for the New Balance Pacesetters 15K run in Putrajaya the following week which I somehow convinced wifey to join. She didn't want to do any 15K races just yet and wanted to wallop me in the head for 'forcing' her to sign up ... hahaha! But she'll do well, I'm sure of it and she's been training pretty hard the past two weeks for it.

It's going to be a busy two months for us, race wise since we've signed up for a whole loads of races in the months of June and July with all the races being so close together. And to make matters even more insane, I'm going to sign us up for another 10K race tomorrow ... LOL!


  1. Busy, busy, busy you.

    Have fun in the 5K jog and all those runs too! :)

  2. Both of you are pretty impressive. I don't do any running except when i am chased by dogs or some wild animals.. hahhahaha I could probably run very fast then.

  3. Lina - Thanks :D Busy with running is better than being busy with work, ya?

  4. Anny - Hahaha ... chased by wild animals, aiyooo I also will run fast like that la!

  5. There's definitely alot of runs coming up in June and July as the puasa month is coming soon. The organisers are cramping them up before the one month hiatus for ramadhan.

    Enjoy your run Nick!

  6. WOOHOOO!! Go Nick and Wifey!! :) That's awesome!

    I have just begun my Couch Potato to 5km training.. LOL! No seriously, there's a program for it. I'm on my 2nd week. Besides, I'm not that much of a newbie on jogging, it's just that I haven't done it in a while.

    Once I graduate from 5k.. it'll be the 10km program then 25k.So once I'm in shape and in top form, perhaps we can meet up during races?? That would be fun! ;)

    It's just a shame, though that there's no jogging space around here. We can't even use the MPSJ jogging track. :( So I normally run on the treadmill (for endurance and speed) or for leisure jogs, I go to Subang park in the evenings.

    But definitely not as advanced as you guys who have been training for over a year now?? :) Good going, both of you! :) Can't wait to hear how wifey does in the 15km run.

  7. Wenny - True, they're all so close together but I'm not complaining :D

  8. Shemah - Thanks :D

    Good for you. They have loads of programs for 5K's and above and if you follow them religiously, you'll be running up to speed in no time.

    Actually you can use the MPSJ jogging track, I see loads of people there every evening, I've even run there. Are they stopping people from using it now?

  9. Nick Phillips: Really, when I called them up, they said the jogging track is only for staff of MPSJ and that public can only use it on a weekend or was it only on a Sunday. I forget. Hmmm.. how long ago was it that you ran there?

  10. Sriyany - It was :D I enjoyed it thoroughly.

  11. Shemah - That's weird. I used to run there a lot until I got bored of running in circles. In fact I see kids and lots of people who are not MPSJ staff there every morning and evening all day of the week. I know for a fact that MPSJ stadium is open to Public. We're talking about the track Opposite Taipan, right? The one in the MPSJ headquarters, right?


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