Sunday, May 29, 2011

All In A Days Work

Just got home about half an hour ago from our SunMed 5K Jogathon run this morning and though I didn't get a Morgan silver dollar medal, I did manage to get a personal best 5K time of 24 minutes and came out in position number 14 :D For a 44 year old, I'm pretty happy with my pace and position. I only wished it was a longer distanced race but there's always the New Balance 15K run in Putrajaya next week for that.

Even though it was a 'fun run' event, I was a little skeptical about the organization but I must say that it went pretty well and they gave what was promised during their promotions for the event unlike some race organizers recently. A thumbs up to them.

I'm also happy for wifey who finished the race in her personal best timing :D Kudos to her. She's going to be competing in her maiden 15K next week and though she's a little skeptical about that race, I know she'll do well :D

Ok, that's all for me for today, I'm off to collect my New Balance race kit for next weeks run in a few minutes time and have a hearty breakfast somewhere :D

Happy Sunday.


  1. Wow! 5K in 24 minutes! I wish I can 5K in less than 30 minutes someday.

    Good luck to you and wife in your 15K run next week. :)

  2. Congrats Nick! 5km under 24 mins is amazing! :) I can't even do 3km under 20 mins!! LMAO! But I'm training up for that and I'll see how I fare after a couple of months. I'm just tired of doing workouts at home, to be honest. :) Running makes me feel way better. ;)

    What's a New Balance race kit?

  3. Lina - You keep up your training and soon you'll be doing faster times :D It's all about progression.

  4. Shemah - Thanks you :D You keep on training and your times will get better. Like I told Lina, it's all about progression :D And I thoroughly agree, running is definitely way better :D

    The race kit consists of our bib numbers, t-shirt and timing chip for next weeks 15K race event :D

  5. @Nick,
    I will! I will! But I wish I can run everyday. No running when we stayed over my FIL's house (too much heavy traffic there at Jalan Bangsar). :(

    But I definitely running from Thursday - Sunday! And I hope to get a better time, well actually cover a lot of mileage in one hour! :)

  6. Lina - Actually Bangsar nice place to run, got nice giler hills ... LOL! But you're right about the traffic though, that one also giler!

    Good for you :D One week you can cover a lot of miles.

  7. @Nick,
    So takut to tackle any hills yet! The ones found at Tmn Putra Perdana in Putrajaya already made me so semput! @>@

  8. Not bad at all! A personal best in fact. Well done!

  9. What? OMFG! Wow! 5K in 24 minutes? IMPRESSIVE!

  10. Lina - Actually I also hate hills. I consider hills something you just have to do, the faster you run up in the faster it's over ... hehehe ...

  11. The World According To Me - Thank you :D

  12. Meleah - Thanks but the legs ache the entire next day.


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