Friday, June 3, 2011

My Blog has Been Hijacked!!!

My blog has been hijacked and is being redirected to some stupid site. I have no idea how that happened and only found out when wifey told me that my link on her reader seems to be redirecting me to some other site! She also said that my recent post widget on Spiff was also redirecting her to another page. Darn!

I don't know how that happened cos I really didn't do anything to my blog. So I looked up the internet and found out it had something to do with third party widget being the culprit so I removed every single third party widget on my side bar and so far the recent post widget in Spiffy seems to be redirecting me back to my blog ... phew! I hope it stays that way.

I just have no idea if it's working properly in your Google readers or not and will only know if some kind soul leaves me a comment to let me know that they can access my blog again and not get redirected to some antique site.

I hate people who hijack your own blogs. Get a life you morons!


  1. Looks OK now, since I can click direct to your blog.

    Yeah, whoever doing this needs to get a life!

  2. Oh.. you keno hijack ka? patutlaa tadik i click on the link.. it went to some other site. I tots you wanted to direct us there... mebbe?

  3. Lina - Thank god! I was totally unaware until wifey informed me about it. I'd like to get my hand around the neck of the moron that did it though!

  4. Anny - Ya lor, some idiot had nothing better to do. I would never redirect anyone to another site, at least not intentionally though.

  5. When did this happen? I can link quite well to your blog now.

    Btw, I've changed my url to a new one...

  6. Terra - This morning actually. It was being redirected to some antique site.

    A new name? No wonder I couldn't find your blog :D Thanks for the heads up :D

  7. I think Adsense has had that problem before..altho not exactly hijacking but yeah, i got the same i removed adsense since then and never put it back. hehe

  8. Carol - Good thing I never had adsense. Ya, I was memang panic when told by wifey that she couldn't get to my blog, stopped everything at work to figure it out ... LOL!


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