Saturday, June 4, 2011

Weekend And Running ...

I'm on a nice long break from work. I'll be on leave for Monday and Tuesday so it's going to be a nice long weekend for me :D I don't have anything much planned for today cos I'm resting my now recovering inflamed heel, an injury that was work related. Thank god it's healing just nicely and the swell has completely gone away with just a slight twitch when I walk.

In fact it better be completely healed by tomorrow cos wifey and me are running the New Balance Pacesetters 15K run at 6.30am in Putrajaya and I really don't want to miss it. Wifey has also warned me that if my heel isn't healed (pun intended) then I'm banned from taking part and will have to don my cheerleader outfit and just cheer her on instead ... LOL!

So it's a good thing that the injury is healing just nicely and I'm definitely going to be able to run tomorrow, though I won't be pushing myself for any personal best timing this time round. I'll just be out to have some fun :D The race is in Putrajaya and the route itself is pretty flat with one or two tiny inclines. It's always good to know your route beforehand so you know how to pace yourself during the race.

I used to just run like a maniac and find myself losing steam halfway through but not anymore. I've gone more technical (a little too much sometimes, wifey would say) and tend to take all factors into account when I run these days like route elevations, road surfaces, hydration stations and all that. Trust me, they really do make a huge difference during a race, especially for old fogeys like me :D

I haven't even put out my running attire yet and it's something of a ritual for me to have my running gear all decked out and ready a day before any race event. Call it a runners superstition or whatever but I feel that if I do it at the last minute, my race will end up being an awful one. And it also helps so that you won't be rushing like some maniac looking for your stuff the next day ... LOL!

My race kit and timing tag ...
The race kit comes with its own running vest but I've NEVER EVER worn the vest they provide (unless it's compulsory) cos I'd rather use my own more comfortable stuff. Running long distances produces chaffing and using an untested running vest is a recipe for chaffing disaster besides everyone will know you're a newbie if you're seen wearing the provided vest ... hahaha! I've got a whole load of free running vests, even from as far back as 1989 when I ran my first 21K, the PJ half marathon. I'm keeping them all as mementos of my affair with running.

Ok, gotta go grab some food and carbo load for my race tomorrow. You all have a wonderful weekend, ya :D


  1. Good luck and have fun at the run! :)

  2. Lina - Thanks :D When are you going to join one of these races :D

  3. @Nick,
    My husband been asking the same question. XD

  4. Lina - LOL! There's a nice 7K McDonald's run you can try. I forgot when though ... hehehe ... I still haven't signed up for that yet but will definitely go :D

  5. @NIck,
    I googled it up. It's on 17 July. Looks like fun.

  6. Lina - So, you joining right :D I know I will be :D


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