Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Angry Birds

Here I was minding my own business and just randomly surfing the net reading about anything that catches my fancy. With so much happening in this country, surfing the web for some lighter reads tends to make life a little less bearable.

Then just when I thought life was getting better, I see this headline in one of the web pages I normally go to read stuff.


I was stunned! I was shocked! I was numb! Who in gods name decided to make a movie out of this absolutely mindless game!

I've seen the hype and fuss about this game for a long time now. I'm not the kind who really plays games on my cell phone but I was curious about this Angry birds phenomenon. I mean, every body and his sister was harping about this game. I still wasn't convinced.

But then one day, I finally relented and downloaded the game on the office iPad (I wasn't going to taint my fancy schmancy HTC with this game, mind you) and tried playing it. It took me all of 29.2 seconds (ok, maybe a little longer la) to almost make me want to throw the iPad out the window at the mindlessness of this game.

But I thought I was not being fair so I gave it to wifey to have a try and it took her all of 37.29 seconds (ok la, maybe also a little longer than that) to chuck back the iPad at me and admonish me for making her waste her time! See, I wasn't the only one who though it was a mindless game.

I wonder why people are so hooked on it. It's like an addiction out there. The darn game is NOT at all fun! On a scale of ten, I'd give it a minus 210! The worse thing was, every darned place I went, they were selling an angry bird stuffed toy, key chain, pillow, slippers, toilet bowls ... you get the idea, and it drove me crazy.

And now, I'm tormented by news that they're going to make a movie out of it. Why God? Why? Have I been so awful that I'm being punished to be haunted by this angry bird craze? Why? Why? WHY? The boys are probably going to pester me to take them to watch this god-forsaken movie and I'd rather be fed to bunch of hungry lions or immersed in hot boiling oil than watch this movie!

And just when I thought things were getting better ... siggghhh ...

P.S. If I have offended anyone, my sincerest apologies. The above is just my own personal view and those of you who know me know that I don't sugar coat my words.


  1. lol! i agreed wt you, nick! i am not a fan of angry birds either! but according to my friend, sometimes playing such mindless game can take his mind off the stress.

    whoa, they are coming out wt movie on angry birds? that's insane. what are hey gonna talk about!!

  2. I am completely addicted to Angry Birds!!

  3. i installed it in my cell phone, wanting to know why on earth it is so addictive. well, i went through it wayyy longer (1 week))than the both of you lah. but i have to agree with you now that angry bird is highly over-rated. I dont find it entertaining or even addictive anymore.

  4. HAHAHAHAH I have 3 version in my phone, but I wasn't too attached/addicted by it. It's somewhat irritating sometimes to play it. I'm sticking to other puzzle games. Thank gawd I'm not that crazy to get the plush/toys like my friends heheh.

    But an angry bird movie? say wut? @_@

  5. Bro,you might be surprised,this is called,"cashing in"when the hype is still brewing,but i think if the movie is made by Hollywod A list producer,director and big budget,i would be like "the transformer" lol.

    Speaking on "transformers' everyone seems to be giving in a double thumbs up.

    bro,i have added you in my blog list, i like what i read and i read what i like and your blog is one of them.

    take care now and god bless

  6. would it help if i told you that i play the mindless Smurf Village all the time.. mindless game too which is going to be in 3D in the movies. *LOL* How cool is that :)

    i better go run and hide right?

  7. I do agree the game's mindless and I'll probably find it remotely interesting if I'm stuck in a boring situation with nothing else to do!

    Can't believe they're making a movie out of this. I thought Angry Birds Wedding Cakes were bad enough!

  8. Jean - I don't know la Jean, for me doing mindless stuff just gives me more stress ... hahaha!

    Yes, they really are planning a movie! I'm stunned ... LOL!

  9. Meleah - Oh my, hope I didn't offend you :D

  10. Carol - I didn't even want to corrupt my cell with it la ... office iPad takpe ... LOL!

    I'm still trying to figure out the attraction of this game though.

  11. Mas - 3 version? LOL! I've been seeing those plush toys everywhere I go la ... it's like they're there just to torment me!

  12. Eugene - True, might as well milk it while it's popular until something new like angry chickens come out or something ... LOL!

    The boys have been pestering the wife to see Transformers so I might just go catch it sometime this week. I hope it's worth the money :D

    Thanks for the blogroll add. I've added you to my reader too :D Will add you to my blogroll as well. Cheers.

  13. Anny - Smurf village, I haven't tried that one. Nanti I go download. Must pay kah or it's free?

    Smurf in 3D, aiyooo ... might be too much for me la ... hahaha!

    Yes, you better run and hide ... hehehe ...

  14. Sriyany - OMG! They have an angry birds wedding cake? really? You're not pulling me leg, right? OMG!


  15. don't really care abut games much. XD

  16. free punya maa.. i where got beli punya.. i am a cheapo.. u can download at itunes... it is very very addictive.. and i got a feeling that your wifey is gonna love the Smurf Village. I remember she loves gardening :)


  17. Anny - Hahaha ... should have guessed you're as much of a cheapo as I am! I just might try downloading that Smurfy game.

  18. I love it when you get angry!
    I refuse to play it or look at it. There's a Zombie one doing the rounds now too. But not for me! I have better things to do with my time, or so I like to think...

  19. I have AB on my iphone4 but hardly play actually! Back to being into my PC games yeeeha! :D:D

  20. The World According To Me - I'm grumpy when I'm angry ... LOL!

    What? They have a Zombie version of it?

    *Faints again*

  21. Marzie - I PC game also malas to play these days la ... hehehe ...


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