Saturday, November 19, 2011

Here, Take This 100 Bucks And Be Grateful!

On Thursday, the wife and me went over to the younger fellows school to collect his UPSR results as well as get the RM100 the government so happily wants to bribe me with. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm not ungrateful and a 100 bucks is a 100 bucks but the manner in which the money was given and the intent for it is what I take offense to.

First of all, after stealing and squandering all our tax money for your own benefits, you decide to give back RM100 to all school going kids on the pretext of helping ease their burden. You've really got to be kidding me. A 100 bucks to ease our burden? Really? A 100 bucks! Good gosh, jolly well and all that. Now I should be so happy about your concern and vote for you in the coming elections, right? That was your intent anyway.

The only reason the wife and me went to collect that measly 100 bucks was because it was OUR money to begin with! I wasn't going to let you squander any more of my money on Berkin handbags or 10 million condo's for cows to live in or something along those lines.

So there we were, along with loads of other parents who had this equally disgusted look on all our faces. There was the usual glamour seeking politician insisting on giving his righteous speech about how the government are so concerned about the plight of the people and thus are giving away a 100 bucks, really, a whole 100 bucks to help ease the burden of school going parents.

In other words,

'aiyaaa, we give you this 100 bucks, you better be grateful and vote for us in the coming elections, ok?'

That was my whole perception of this RM100 bucks a student nonsense. And to use an excuse such as a caring government wanting to ease the burden of the people. Seriously, what do these rich, thieving higher ups that rule this country know about having to ease the burden? What with the fancy and luxurious lifestyle they lead, jetting off on jets to some overseas destination for holidays or buying 10 million condos to stay in (or was that for the cows to stay in, I really can't tell the difference).

Do they even know how what it's like to have to make every cent count? Do they even know how much roadside assistance costs these days? Do they even know how hard I have to slog day in and day out just to make sure I get enough to feed the family? All they know is to raise the price of everything and then insist that we're still the cheapest in Asia or some crap like that ... siggghhh ...

I seriously felt like walking up the stage that Thursday and slapping that idiot who was giving his speech left, right and centre. Why do we even need the big hoohah to give away 100 bucks, I really don't know. The poor wife had to wait nearly two hours cos I had to head back to work.

Well, just so you know Mr. Big shots in the government, I'm still not going to vote for you and that includes everyone I know. Trust me, the only way you're going to remain in power in the coming election is to cheat like you always do. In fact, I have no doubt you'll do everything in your power to 'make' sure you win.

On an entirely different note altogether, I'm totally envious of all my running pals who are right now in Penang and will be getting ready for the Penang Bridge International Marathon in about 5 hours or so. Damn, I seriously wish I was there right now. I can only imagine the awesomeness it must feel to run on that bridge. Oh well, there's always next year which I will make sure I won't miss. Good lucks guys and gals. As my favourite shoe brand maker would say, Run Happy!

On an even entirely different note, the younger fellow did exceptionally well in the UPSR exams that the wife and me are totally bewildered. He doesn't study, he doesn't go for tuition, he plays all the time and to get the results he did is short of phenomenal! Congrats to him, now we've got to grant his every wish ... LOL!

Happy weekend, folks!


  1. First thing first I am with you,,CHANGE we must, too long too corrupt already,sadly they are goons out that who believe them..

    secondly,I really hope to see you next year for the PBIM, this year I skip,did half last year..Next year coaxing my lovely wife to run the full as well. Running on the Bridge is hell of experience and you can only do it once a year,,that's itself is just great,so see you next year,,, training hard for the PBIM next year..

    take care now ya and Change will do us good

  2. Eugene, I think a lot of people want change and I hope we achieve it :D

    I will be there next year. I'm regretting not taking part this year la. Everyone I know is there now and I'm darned envious.

  3. Congrats to your kid.

    Regarding the 100 bucks - I agree with you, it's probably some sort of bribe. Hopefully most of the people who receive it will be smart enough to see it for what it is.

  4. Terra, I'll give the rest of us credit for being smarter than the government :D

  5. Change is good for Malaysia.

    But those politicians seems to think that we are too stupid to want change.

  6. Well, on a positive note: Congratulations to your son! Good for him.

  7. let's see some change soon :) we all should know what to do when the day comes.

    hey.. congrats to your youngest! terer jugak la.. he must be those genius type that plays a lot but still score :) didya give him the 100 bucks to buy whatever he wants?

  8. Wow, imagine his results if he did study?! Congrats to him. Hope you had a nice weekend.

  9. Lina - They seriously can't see past their own stupidity can't they? I seriously want a change in government so bad!

  10. Meleah - I'll send him your congratulations :D

  11. Anny - Yes, we should all vote the current dictatorship out!

    I'm totally shocked with his results actually ... LOL! Hi mommy is keeping his money for him. If we gave it all to him, habis la in one hour that money!

  12. The World According To Me - Thanks. You have a great one too.

  13. Congrats to your son! Will u be running with wifey today? Cause if u are, good luck! :)

  14. Marzie - Thanks :D Yes, definitely running and yes, she's running too cos she won't forgive me if I ran without her ... LOL!


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