Saturday, June 23, 2012

Almost Time ...

In less than 24 hours I will be attempting my first ever marathon at the Standard Chartered KL Marathon. If anyone had told me two years ago, that I'll be torturing myself waking up at 3.00am to run for 42.195KM for hours on end, I'd have thought him or her insane!

But yet, here I am, barely 19 hours away from the start all eager (and hopefully prepared) to take on the distance. On paper it doesn't sound so bad, what's 42KM? I've already done 28 plus kilometers or so in training so what's another 14KM, right?

Absolutely wrong, the distance of a marathon is not something to be underestimated. It's daunting (or so I'm told, this being my first and all) and has to be utterly respected. It'll eat you alive if you don't give it the respect it deserves.

Well, I intend to treat the distance with the utmost respect and hopefully come out of it in one piece. All the training I've done is going to be put to the extreme test and I'm hoping that it's enough to see me through.

I've been wanting to attempt a full marathon for ages but I wasn't prepared for it. You see, I have this policy, I don't want to do something just for the sake of doing it or just because everybody is doing it and I must do it too. When I do something, it's with conviction and I do it to the best of my abilities. The wife says I'm very competitive with myself and she's right.

This marathon attempt is also in part due to the wife. She thinks I have the potential and abilities to run a marathon and has been a source of constant support in my quest. I'm dedicating this run solely to her. Let's hope I can justify that faith she has in me.

I've done all I can possibly do to prepare myself for the run. I've gone through numerous painful injuries in my marathon quest and to be honest, I'm still suffering from a recurring knee injury that I hope won't flare up during the run though.

I don't have any goals or targets or personal best for myself tomorrow with the exception of just crossing that finish line in decent condition. I'm not going to push myself like I normally do during other race events and am just intending to have a good time running in my range of scorpion helmets (if you can call running 42KM a good time, that is). This will be my bench mark for future marathons.

So, am I ready? Yes, I am! Will I be able to do it? Yes, I will! Am I nervous? Of course! Am I crazy in wanting to do this? Absolutely! LOL!

With that, I'd like to wish a few of my fellow blog readers that will also be running the event tomorrow and all the rest of the running community that is taking part, all the best and most of all remember to have loads of fun :D Catch ya all tomorrow.


  1. Good luck Nick! Enjoy your first FM!

    Is your wife running tomorrow too?

    I'm already having jitters now. ;p

  2. Sounds exciting! All the best for your first ever marathon.

  3. Good luck ole guy :) just have fun and dun hurt yourself :)

  4. I hope that knee holds out and you enjoyed the run.

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