Friday, February 21, 2014

When The Smoke Gets In Your Eye

The air quality out there seems pathetic again. Woke up this morning to the smells of burning in the air which promptly saw me cancelling  my usual morning run. Things are becoming so bad in this country (well, the world too) that I fear for what the future holds.

The haze issue is really really being taken too seriously by the powers that be in this country. It's a yearly affair but wasn't as bad as this before. It's only February and it's already smokey out there. I really can't remember when we had clean, breathable air. Yes, it's been that long.

The current exceptionally long dry spell isn't helping things either. Warnings about water rationing are being thrown around and I dread to have to go through that. I'm hoping some divine intervention would happen soon and we'll see some heavy rains in the water catchment areas and be spared of having to ration for water. It'll do the air quality some good too.

How I long for the quality of life back in my childhood. The air was so much better. The facilities, though not as modern as now, was at least working. Life was so much more tolerable back then. People lived in harmony with one another. These days everything seems to be on a downward spiral and just making it through the day can be a huge effort.

The only good thing is, today is Friday and the weekend is here. At least I can go mess around with my new bulova watches, I mean my new Garmin Forerunner 620. Have a happy weekend peeps.


  1. I want a Forerunner 620! I jelly! Issit any good / improvements? There's the new Fenix 2 I wonder what's the difference, from the specification, Fenix 2 seems to be a good trail watch with every other function like the 910 but not too sure. Haven't finish reading about it.

    Anyways, yeah heard about the bad weather there hopefully it clears off soon. It's really warm here too but at least in the morning it's more cooling. Stay safe!

    1. The Fenix 2 has more or less the same functions as the 620 but longer battery life. I got my 620 at an incredibly good price and am loving it :D The 910 is more of a triathletes watch since it incorporate swim data. I can't swim even if my life depended upon it so that watch doesn't intrigue me. Take a look at the 620, it's a great watch with incredible features :D

    2. I wanna learn how to swim! Can't swim too lols!

  2. I hope you get some of that heavy rain to clear the air.


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