Monday, January 4, 2016

Hello 2016

Where did 2015 go? It feels like I just blinked and 2016 is upon us. That makes me a year older though I don't know if wiser would fit into that equation.

The year has been pretty good though there has been some setbacks especially in my running. Grounded by a stress fracture which basically ruined my Gold Coast Marathon. Lots of hard work and training went down the drain. A good lesson was learned from that though.

I won't go into the political aspect of things last year cos we all know how crappy it was and this year doesn't show much signs of it improving. If I could leave this god forsaken country to somewhere better, I would. But then I grew up here and aside for being conned by the ruling regime, it really is a great place to stay.

I'm not gonna say much but hope that this year will be a bigger improvement for me, career wise, running wise and family wise but in the meantime, I'm gonna check out what this Cellos flyer I found on my table is all about.

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