Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oh Tuesday, How I Do Hate Thee!

I always thought that Mondays had it in for me. Those of you who have been reading my blog for some time now would know how many times I've bitched about Mondays and how bad things always and I mean always seem to happen to me on Mondays.

Well, now Monday has a new partner in crime, which is Tuesday! Now I really hate Tuesdays! Before I start telling you all about baby eczema treatment, let me tell you why I hate Tuesdays.

Last Tuesday, my car happened to break down right in front of my clients premises, a financial institution just about lunch time at the very exit of the building. There I was after my appointment with them and just as I was exiting the place, my car stalled and caused a little traffic snarl behind me. But, with some help, I managed to get my car pushed to the side and eventually got it started and was off on my way again.

The problem never recurred again so I thought it was an isolated incident. These things do happen with an old car and my car is an old car anyway. But today, the EXACT same thing happens again and in the EXACT same place at about the EXACT same time too.

*cue music from the Twilight Zone*

I start to curse again. This cannot be a coincidence. I'm pretty sure Monday has roped in Tuesday to give me grief! Once again I cause another traffic pile up behind me. The two parking attendants come to my rescue yet again and help me push my car to the side.

After a few minutes of fiddling with it, I get it started again but this time I take no chances, I head straight for my regular mechanic near my house. But as fate would have it or rather as Tuesday would have it, I don't make it back to my mechanic. Halfway there, the car chokes and stalls on me again.

This time it's my worst nightmare. It dies right in the middle of the road at a traffic light junction on a busy stretch! No matter how much I try cranking the car it refuses to start. I'm sweating by the buckets now. Cars start piling up behind me and start honking like mad (even though I had my hazard lights on). Some people even give me this annoyed look with one or two even shouting at me.

Hey morons, do you think I stalled at the traffic lights on purpose? Do you think I love causing a jam? Do you think I love having my car break down on me? I felt like coming out of my car and whacking them on the head!

I guess there must be someone looking out for me cos two nice people come to my aid and help me push my car towards the side of the road away from all these insensitive morons. They're so nice that they even suggested a few mechanics nearby to help me out. I thank them and head out walking in the blistering sun lugging around my laptop with its bag full of rubbish towards the mechanic which by the way was NOT nearby at all.

Good thing the mechanic was able to help me and managed to fix the problem which was a faulty fuel pump. But even then it took nearly three hours from the time he diagnosed the problem to getting a new part right up to actually fixing it. There went some good money ... siggghhh ...

By the time the entire ordeal was over, I was totally drained to the core. I drove home immediately and took a nice long nap! But what perplexes me is the attitude of the other drivers out there. The way they impatiently honked at me and gave me the eye, not to mention the shouting that came from a few people.

Do they really think I enjoyed having my car break down in the middle of a busy road during peak hours? Couldn't they at least have been a little bit more understanding and have a little compassion in them. What if it was the other way around? How would they have felt with people honking at them? I have had cars break down in my way causing terrible jams but I've NEVER honked, given them the eye or even screamed at them cos it's not their fault that their car broke down.

For everyone of you this afternoon who honked, gave me the eye and screamed at me, pay back is a bitch and you'll get what's due to you. As for you Tuesday, as far as I'm concerned you don't exist in my week anymore. When I do become supreme ruler of the world, I'll abolish Mondays and Tuesdays! I've got my eye on you Tuesday! Just you wait!


  1. Aww poor nick. I hope the rest of the week be better for you.

    But for your car to break down at the same place and on a same day. OMG. Creepy~

  2. dejavu.. poor u.

    So u were the one causing the jam... u were on flyfm.. and and hitz fm and the whole entire traffic report.. hehhehehee

    takpa laa.. forgive those morons.. one day.. one day their car will break down too.

    cheer up ye.. and next Tuesday.. go BOO Tuesday before it tries to give u a hard day :D

  3. Maslight - I'm hoping so too other I'm going to have to disown every day of the week ... LOL!

    Yeah, it was like an episode of the Twilight Zone!

  4. Anny - LOL! I'm sure I was! Everyone was probably calling in complaining about this moron in a white car blocking traffic!

    Next Tuesday I'm staying home and locking all the doors ... hahaha!

  5. Poor Spiff, sorry to hear your car broke down

  6. Soulie - I'm hoping that the problem is finally fixed :D

  7. Man, that SUCKS!! But, its very strange to have your car break down AT THE SAME TIME, ON THE SAME DAY, IN THE SAME PLACE! That's just crazy! Maybe you shouldn't go there anymore?!

  8. Meleah - It sucked big time! It was like an episode from the Twilight Zone or something.

    I think my car is allergic to that client ... LOL!

  9. Gee bud...wonder if it'll happen again at the same spot next week if you go??? Hope not now that the car is fixed :) But then again we do want to test the Twilight Zone theory now don't we hehehe...

    Cheers bub hope the rest of the week is much better for you! :)

  10. Oh man..there's nothing more frustrating that your car breaking down on some busy street. But glad it all worked out in the end :)

  11. i guess now it's been added one more day of hatred...which is tueday blues..what happen to ur car?? what type of car that u always mention very old car?

  12. Adrian - Woi, you don't put a hex on me, k? LOL! I'm not taking chances, I won't go there on Tuesdays anymore!

  13. Sriyany - Not just frustrating, damn stress lagi ... LOL!

  14. Sweet-Girlicious - Yes, soon, I'll probably be hating the entire week ... hahaha!

    You really don't wanna know what old junk I'm driving la ... LOL!

  15. Yeah, that thing about insensitive people on the road who honk at stalled cars. Seriously... are people actually getting stupider??

  16. Terra - The truth of the matter is, they are getting stupider these days!

  17. Hey Supreme Ruler of the World! Better be nice to Wednesday now before it gets roped in by Tuesday. Wednesday is sitting on the fence ... HAHAHA!!!

    It's so true to the bone ... there are so many moron drivers out there and sad for me, many are women-drivers ... my gender ... DON'T SHOOT ME, I'M NOT LIKE THAT AT ALL!!!

  18. You better watch out Tuesdays, Nick has his eye on you!

    And those people who honked at you, I hope the same thing happens to them next Tuesday!

  19. Car problems again Nick? Oh no...faster la get new car! :)

  20. Wenny - If Wednesday gets into the picture, I'll disown the entire week! LOL!

    Well, those morons who honked at me were men, sad to say! The women drivers were much better. They just drove along quietly ... LOL!

  21. The World According To Me - Yes, yes, I hope they stall their cars in the middle of a super busy highway! LOL!

  22. Marzie - No money la Marzie. Waiting for you to buy with that Kancil with all your PB earnings ... LOL!

  23. Meleah - LOL! It's the only explanation I could think off ...


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