Thursday, October 22, 2009

Take One, Two And Three ...

This is the third time I've rewritten this post. The first two were just a bunch of gibberish that would have put an elephant straight to sleep in an instant. Not this this third attempt is going to be much better mind you. I've really been staring at my laptop screen for nearly 20 minutes and cannot even come close to dishing out a decent post.

I really don't know how I could post almost everyday at one time. Did I really have so much to say? And the fact that I have three other blogs to take care of isn't really helping with churning out postings. Besides, no one pissed me of yet so I have nothing to bitch about and nothing really interesting is happening that is worth posting about.

So instead, to keep the momentum going, I'll just do some short takes, something which I haven't done in a while.

Take One

Would you pay RM42,320 for a laptop? I mean, is there even a laptop close to that price? Well, obviously someone did pay that much money for it. In fact, they even bought two of it totaling to RM84,640 which could buy you a nice little small apartment or maybe even two brand new Perodua Kancil 850's (one of our national cars) with cash to spare even!

Well, this college in Penang did just that. Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara Balik Pulau in Penang paid RM84,640 for two laptops. And these were not laptops that were used by NASA or anything like that. They were only Acer Aspire-5052ANWXMI models.

Wait, wait, that's not all, they also bought 450 units of computer CAD with network card at RM3.45mil for 12 labs. Each 19-inch monitor costs RM8,500 while a 17-inch monitor costs RM7,500. Apparently a check with local companies showed that the market price for the models were in the ranges of RM5,350 t0 RM6,500!

I wonder just how much money went into some big-shots pockets which I'm pretty sure it did. It was either that or the College is run by a bunch of stupid imbeciles! And to add icing on the cake, the Precision 390 Dell computers that they bought are no longer available in the market!

Take Two

I think I've lost the passion to run. I haven't really put on my running shoes, save for two weeks ago and actually gone for a nice long run in nearly ... urrmmm ... see, I can't even recollect how long ago it was. I've been putting targets for myself to start running again but when that day comes I'll have tons and tons if not millions of excuses.

'It looks like rain out there'

'I've had a tough day at work'

'I don't feel well'

'The cats are out to get me'

'There are aliens out there'

Those are only tiny list of the really flimsy excuses I often make up. Wifey has been reminding me constantly to start running again. She's been trying to motivate me with all kinds of things like promising me that she'd let me sleep with Jennifer Garner if I started running again (what? you didn't say that? Gee, I could have sworn I heard you say that ... LOL!) to threatening to throw my running shoes away and it still isn't working.

But I shall not give up. I will find my drive to run again even if it takes me all century cos I have this dream to one day compete in a full marathon. The best I've done are half-marathons and I know I shall achieve that dream. Gee, doesn't the sky look dark out there today?

Take Three

Good God, my memory is failing! I had an idea what I wanted to post for take 3 but by the time I finished take 2, I totally forgot what it was I wanted to say for this take! Damn, wifey is right. I am losing my mind ... hahaha! In fact this would be a great topic for take 3, my losing memory!

I'm getting very forgetful these days. I can do something in the morning and completely forget about it by noon. There are times (lots of times) when wifey would ask me to do something and I'll totally forget about it until I come home and she asks if I've done the stuff she asked me and I'll go like,

'What stuff?'

She'll look at me with this weird and sometimes nasty (LOL!) look and tell me that I'm getting so old that I'm losing my memory already. But I'm still young! I can't be losing my memory at so young an age (ok, well maybe not that young la ... LOL!). In fact just yesterday I bought a loaf of bread when in true fact, I only bought one the night before. I came home with it and wifey went,

'What? You bought bread again? Didn't you just buy a loaf last night?'

'I did? was my reply.

And I'd walk into the kitchen and see the nice big loaf of bread I bought last night staring at me. See, I told you guys I'm getting really forgetful these days. I wonder if I'll remember where I live in a couple of years time ... LOL! These days, to be sure I remember to do stuff, wifey writes me little notes to make sure I don't forget!


  1. Hey Nick, can you email me? I want to discuss about a project with you.

  2. The big bombshell in the papers this morning...RM40k for a laptop. What next?! This is nothing new as far as public service depts are concerned.

  3. I have to disagree with you Nick, I think spending 40K for a laptop is well worth the penny. Did you know the laptop can transform (with all the transformers sound) into a Indonesian maid, and do all the housework, and then transform into Altatunya for you to have a blowing time?! See, told ya it's worth the money! :-D

  4. BT - Sure, will drop you an email later.

  5. Mei Teng - True, true, they always buy stuff at 4-5 times the market value to feed their own pockets.

  6. Gallivanter- Hahaha! Ok, when you put it that way, it doesn't sound so bad ... LOL!

    And I like the transforming sounds ... Hehehe!

  7. deja vuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :p

  8. Take 1 - I wouldnt consider buying that laptop!! I prefer to spend money on other stuff.

    Take 2 - No more excuses please. Just grab that running shoes and get your ass moving, Nick!

    Take 3 - I also like you sometimes. I couldnt remember what I want to post in my blog

    and lastly Nick, you have a wonderful weekend.

  9. Argentum Vulgaris - LOL! I can't remember the question too either ...

  10. Rose - Well, if part of the money went into my pockets, I would buy it ... LOL

    But what about those cats waiting out there to get me? LOL!

    I'm always forgetting things more and more these days!

    A great weekend to you too :D

  11. Sometimes you just need a break from running. That's not so bad.

  12. Dawn - I guess so but for nearly a year? LOL!

    And welcome to my blog :D

  13. Forgetful? You could be pregnant, Nick. Better check.

  14. Oh ya.. i forgot to tell u.. your running shoes will start to molt and drop off piece by piece if u dun start running soon :D they need activity to keep them in one piece.. so start running man.. and always listen to the missus.. she only want the best for u :)

  15. You could go tattoo your name, IC, and address on yourself just in case u forgot where u live.. hehhehee.. i think i might just haveta do that soon :D

  16. Anny - But these days the shoe technology lagi canggih la. They've managed to sort that molting problem. I think so that threat won't work ... LOL!

  17. Anny - 'tattoo your name, IC, and address on yourself' ... jahat nyer you ... LOL! But then you just might have a point there la ... hahaha!

  18. betoi betoi punya.. even with the best shoe technology.. a used shoe which haven't seen much action.. will still molt!
    Mrs Spiff is right punya.. :D

  19. err... there's a tattoo artist in Sunway.. (upstairs).. if u wanna 'tattoo your name, IC, and address on yourself'.. me kasi u the contact.. hehhee.. no pain punyaaaaaaaa

  20. Anny - Darn, there goes one excuse oredi, now to look for more ... LOL!

  21. Anny - Hahaha ... I think I'd probably need to tattoo my atm card number, my car model and license number as well ... LOL!

    Sunway, you say?

  22. Urmm..go run run and berdating with Mrs Spiff laa.. it would be fun.. and shoes won't molt (trust me on this one) cos all the sport shoes in this house are falling apart in many pieces.. kkakakakakakkakakaa except the one that my dad is using :D

  23. yep.. Sunway.. upstairs :D

    tattoo atm nombor jugo? abis... hhahahahhahaha

  24. Anny - Ok, ok, I'll take your word for it ... hehehe ... Tomorrow I grab Mrs. Spiffy, the boys and Pebbles and dera them to run with me ... LOL!

  25. Anny - In fact I think I need to tattoo my cell phone number too ... hahaha!


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